Three popular trips for autumn in Nepal


Almost every day, we receive number of questions from our prospective clients including what can I do in Nepal? Among them, the most frequent question is the best trip for autumn in Nepal. So, we have filtered three popular trips for autumn in Nepal. We based the selection of trips from the inquiries we received and the most searched trips in our website.

Nepal is popular for its scenic natural beauty and unique cultural impressions. Nepal is also known by the highest Mount Everest on the Earth having an altitude of 8,848 meters. Above all, Kathmandu is the centre of attraction for its lively culture. There are seven World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu only. Ancient palaces and temples are the major highlights of the capital city Kathmandu. Despite her wonderful characters, Nepal remained in shadow due to some political reasons and the devastating earthquake of 2015. But everything has become normal now and the beauty of this small Himalayan country is dazzling even more.

Question arises what to do in Nepal then? Apart from Kathmandu’s cultural delights, trekking to the Himalayas is truly a reward at this time of the year. The views are simply awesome during autumn when the summer monsoons have cleared the dust in the atmosphere. Another attraction of autumn season is the festivities throughout the country. Dashain and Tihar are the great festivals of Hindus that occur in autumn.

Therefore, we are listing the three popular trips from our research such as the famous Everest Base Camp Trek – 14 Days in the Everest region; Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 11 Days and Poonhill Ghorepani Trek – 7 Days in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek – 14 Days

View of Khumjung Village

Trekking in Nepal in autumn is the best time ever and Everest Base Camp trek is the most popular trekking trip in the Everest region because of its beauty and hardness. The Everest Base Camp trail is one of the challenging trekking trails and it’s a trip of lifetime. Many people have set records at the Base Camp celebrating their birthdays, proposing their partners, performing engagements, getting married and celebrating honeymoon at the world’s highest place reachable by walk only.

Alternatively, a flight over the Himalayas makes it possible to witness this tallest mountain. Mountain flight is available every morning from Kathmandu for those having difficulties to reach there or have limited holiday duration. Everest Base Camp has become one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas and is visited by hundreds of trekkers every day in autumn.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 11 Days

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Then Annapurna Base Camp trek comes in second after the Everest Base Camp trek. Some people think that they are not prepared for Everest Base Camp trek. At some points, it may be true for the first time trekkers but it is always a good idea to acclimatize before doing high altitude treks. Annapurna Base Camp trek route is a popular trekking trail among the solo and adventure trekkers also for its extraordinary variety of ecosystems.

Poonhill Ghorepani Trek – 7 Days

At the top of Poonhill

Poonhill Ghorepani trek is an all season trek ideally suitable for families and children. It’s a perfect short time holiday that combines some good hikes and a cultural touch. This trek offers a blend of adventure, closeness with the nature, views of the Himalayan panorama and of course willpower for longer adventure in the Annapurna area. The Impressive Sunrise and Panoramic views from Poonhill are truly magnificent.

There are no specific health conditions necessary for those trips. Your passions, good health with average physical fitness and self confidence are sufficient for any treks in Nepal. However, regular exercising and jogging for some weeks prior to the trip is a good idea to enhance your strength and stability. Your previous hiking experience would be an asset here. Besides, preparation of the right equipment is a must before setting off for a trip. A comprehensive list of equipment is available for your comfort.

We hope this article will be a resource in order to make a decision for a holiday this autumn. However, should you have your own itinerary and prefer to add some highlights, we welcome your feedback. Finally, if you need our help to plan a trip in Nepal, you can always contact us for a customized holiday and we shall get back to you promptly.

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