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Sporting is the best way to keep our body fit and healthy. Regular exercising keeps our mental as well as physical health in a good shape. People think that they don’t need to worry for their health when they are young. In fact, it is a continuous process that keeps the body weight under control and makes us habitual for lifelong. Our ‘hike for health’ is an exclusive trip package for people of all age and level of fitness.

Medical professionals say that a healthy man needs at least 30 minutes of active sporting each day and 150 minutes per week. Hectic city life and busy work schedule have become the major obstacles to think about our own health. If this is the situation, we have an idea that definitely will be helpful to compensate some time to your gross necessity. We have listed some trips below to illustrate an average calories burn each day and in gross.

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Sporting has a vast type of activities involved such as walking, jogging, hiking, trekking, running, cycling, swimming, playing outdoors, climbing, mountaineering etc. Researchers suggest that people should walk at least 10,000 steps consistently each day in order to lose some weight. Our dietary suggestion during the trek helps to keep your weight under limit plus the calories born will become effective to reduce certain weight after the trek.

According to Mayo Clinic, if you walk for 30 minutes a day, you could burn about 150 calories. It is not necessary to say that trekking for few days will energize for few months and improves heart health. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol that apparently helps to reduce the blood pressure. Doctors say that regular hiking for 30 minutes to one hour each day helps in preventing comorbidities.

==>> How many calories do I burn each day?

The table below will help to understand this question well.

TripTrek DurationAverage Hiking Per DayCalories Burn Per DayTotal Calories Burn
Around Kathmandu Trek3 Days4-5 Hours1500 kcal4,500 kcal
Poonhill Ghorepani Trek5 Days4-5 Hours1500 kcal7,500 kcal
Langtang Valley Trek7 Days5-6 Hours1800 kcal12,600 kcal
Everest Panorama Trek8 Days4-5 Hours1500 kcal12,000 kcal
Gokyo Lake Trek9 Days4-5 Hours1500 kcal13,500 kcal
Annapurna Base Camp Trek9 Days5-6 Hours1800 kcal16,200 kcal
Tamang Heritage Langtang Trek11 Days4-5 Hours1500 kcal16,500 kcal
Everest Base Camp Trek11 Days5-6 Hours1800 kcal19,800 kcal
Manaslu Circuit Trek12 Days5-6 Hours1800 kcal21,600 kcal
Everest Three Passes Trek16 Days5-6 Hours1800 kcal28,800 kcal

==>> When is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year. However, some high mountain treks such as Chola and Renjola passes may remain closed due to snowfall or ice blockade. Everest Base Camp, Gokyo, Manaslu Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp are best to do during April-May and September through November but Poonhill and Everest Panorama trek can be done round the year including children and families.

Around Kathmandu can be done if one wants a quick break from a busy schedule. The lowland trekking can be done even in summer and winter. Internal flights may be affected by the weather in summer so that alternative trails which are free from flight complexities can be a good decision. Langtang can be a suitable option for multi-days hike. Nepal is a paradise of trekkers and offers a diverse experience to her well-wishers.

==>> What are the direct health benefits of hiking and trekking?

According to some research and experiments, the following benefits are revealed:
  • Body fitness => Losing some weight will maintain your body fitness.
  • Flexible exercising => Hiking can be chosen from a day to multiple days and hours.
  • Better sleep => A healthy person can sleep well.
  • Happiness and pleasure => It brings you away from your busy schedule, meetings and messages giving you a quality time with your friends and families.
  • Lower the blood pressure and sugar levels => Regular hiking is the best medicine to reduce your blood pressure and sugar level.
  • Combat depression => It will be helpful to combat depression and gives a great peace of mind to your body and soul.
  • Strengthen muscles and bone density => Walking makes your muscles stronger increases the bone density.
  • Entertainment => You will have some entertainment while touring in a group. This can be a local cultural program. Hence it releases some pains from your mind and body.
  • Self confidence => A healthy person becomes confident for any type of task or responsibilities.
  • Mental satisfaction by the support to local community => Outing for a trip will benefit to the local suppliers. Depending on a duration and destination, it can be a great source of revenue.

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