Why Travel With Us? Why you should go with Trekking Encounters?

There are 10 reasons to go with Trekking Encounters, such as
(1) Prompt attention

We deliver prompt attentions on every issue while you are under a trip with us.

(2) Personalized service

We guarantee more personal care and service any time till you are with us.

(3) Competitive price

We guaranty you the most competitive prices on all our treks and tours. In fact, there are absolutely no hidden extras.

(4) Team work

All our crew members such as Sherpas, guides, porters and cooks are registered, insured, fully paid and well-equipped. Therefore, we always focus on team spirit and train our staffs on the importance of team work.

(5) Equipment and Safety

We have 100% safety records on all our treks and expeditions. We use top quality branded equipment such as Tents and Ropes for bigger expeditions and camping treks.

(6) Responsible tourism

We are committed to sustainable eco-tourism principles and all our staffs are aware of the impacts on the mountain environment. Thus, we strictly follow the ethics of responsible travel codes.

(7) Social responsibility

We are a Socially Responsible Company and act to benefit the society. Furthermore, we have been donating a minimum of 5% of our profits to social organizations.

(8) Membership

Trekking Encounters is a TripAdvisor recommended Travel Company and of course a proud member of TAAN, NMA, KEEP, Porters’ Progress and VITOF. Trekking Encounters got an opportunity to represent in TAAN Executive Committee for the term of 2011-2013.

(9) Lifetime achievement

Our custom trips will reward you with a lifetime memory from this beautiful Himalayan Country. It will also add an achievement in your adventure profile.

(10) Emergency support

All our mountain expeditions are generally supported with two-way walkie-talkies and a satellite phone from the Base Camp to Kathmandu Office. So, we are always at stand-by service in case of any emergencies.