New climbing regulation has come in effect


The Government of Nepal has made some amendment to the Mountaineering Expedition Regulations under the Tourism Act as proposed by the Department of Tourism. Since the new climbing regulation has come in effect, the local tourism entrepreneurs and climbers are happy with the new rule.

Key Changes:

  • Foreign climbers must be accompanied by a Guide
  • People with complete blindness are banned from climbing
  • Double amputees (legs and hands) are barred from climbing
  • Medical certificate needed for climbing
  • Sherpas will also get summit certificates

The officials have said that the amendment is an attempt to improve the safety of climbers. It has also ensured the rights of high-altitude workers from Nepal. The new regulation has also increased the premium amount of insurance for the workers.

The mandatory provision of taking Guides while climbing the mountains including Mt. Everest is one of the major changes in the regulation. No foreign climbers will be able to make a solo attempt on any expedition peaks. The amended regulation has also banned the blind and double amputees (applicants who do not have both arms and legs) from making bids on those peaks.

Besides, the government has made a strict provision of the medical certificate from climbers to ensure whether they are physically able to climb the mountains. This is an important change as it can be helpful to reduce the mountain accidents due to the climber’s health.

However, the government has not fixed the upper age limit of the climbers. The revised regulation is silent on the existing provision on the lower age limit which prohibits climbers from obtaining climbing permits below 16 years of age.

The government will also issue ‘summit certificates’ to Sardars, mountain guides and high-altitude workers. They do not need to pay the climbing royalties who accompany expeditions to the top of the peaks. The Royalty Structure of Nepal Mountains is different for foreign and Nepali climbers during different climbing seasons.

New climbing rules for Mount Everest (Updated: 2019)
  • Foreign climbers must already have climbed a Nepali peak of at least 6,500m (21,325ft).
  • They should also have to provide a certificate of physical fitness and employ experienced guides.

Small Peak Climbing Trips

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