Nepali women are celebrating Teej


TEEJ is a popular Hindu festival having many meaningful aspects. Nepali women are celebrating Teej for 3 days. The festival falls in the month of August or early September. All the married women go back to their maternal home for this very festival.

Married women wish their husbands a long life and unmarried girls wish for a husband with a good virtue. They pray for marital bliss, well being of their spouse and children as well as purification of their own body and soul.

Women have a hard fasting rule for today. They fast without eating and drinking a single drop of water even for the entire day. Hindu women today gather in the Temples of Shiva. Pashupatinath is one of the temples where the ladies queue from early morning. It may be a good idea to enjoy the Pilgrimage tour of Nepal during this time of the year.

The women are in their red outfits with their expensive jewelries. Another significance of this festival is, they sing and dance together in a round-to-face. They also clap unanimously to give music to their song. The songs they sing during this festival won’t be heard when the festival is over.

Certainly, all women are the unique gifts of this world’s creation. Women are also the sources of origin and power according to the Hindu religion. The festival also keeps strong attachment to their maternal home and its courtyard.

Teej is also an eco festival that celebrates the beauty of nature, rituals and customs. The festival remarks the beauties and dedication of women. It includes dancing, singing, getting together with friends and families. They also enjoy telling stories, dressing up with henna-coloured hands and feet, wearing red, green or orange clothes.

The festival starts with ‘Dar’, a special meal set ready for midnight and they sit for next 24-hour long fasting. The second day is the celebration day. The women of all ages- young and old dance for hours despite the harsh weather of heat and rain.

Finally, the festival ends with a special ‘Puja’ of seven saints. Before the Puja, women take a special bath and brush their teeth with ‘Datiwan’ (branches of a plant) in a belief that this purifies their body and soul. They hope to wash the sins from their body if happened by mistake.

Trekking Encounters wishes all Hindu women for their well-being, good health and prosperity. HAPPY TEEJ.

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