Everest Base Camp Trek in October


When is the best time to trek in the Everest region? Of course, the answer comes for autumn season. Autumn season refers to as September, October and November in Nepal. Among the three months, October is the most desired month for Everest Base Camp trek. So, we are trying to find some facts that why everybody look for Everest Base Camp trek in October.

October starts with the end of monsoon in Nepal. The constant weather conditions, crystal clear mountain views and lush green forests are the main reasons to attract trekkers for Everest Base Camp hike during October. The temperatures in October are just amazing after the summer and before the winter starts. It rarely snows in October along the Everest Base Camp trail.

Thus Everest region is a popular destination among Himalayan trekkers who are looking for an adventurous trekking holiday. Everest Base Camp trek, Gokyo Lake, Chola Pass, Renjola Pass, Three Passes trek for long vacationers and Everest Panorama trek for short vacationers are the major trekking routes in the Everest region. Island Peak, Mera Peak and Lobuche Peak are the popular trekking peaks for passionate climbers.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Thrilling and scenic mountain flight to Lukla
  • Eye-catching Himalayan vistas and the mountain landscapes
  • Unique Sherpa culture and their traditions
  • Visit of ancient Buddhist monasteries and gompas
  • Stunning views of Mount Everest from Kalapatthar view point
  • Trekking through the Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO listed Natural World Heritage Site
  • Lifetime adventure through the tough and zigzag mountain trails
  • Season of many colourful festivals during October in Nepal
  • Amazing weather conditions for panoramic views and suitable temperatures

Everest Base Camp Weather and Temperature in October

The weather in the Everest region is very much unpredictable. Everest Base Camp weather refers to as one of the most extreme weather conditions. Weather around the region is quite stable and clear during the month of October. However, due to the moderate temperature in October, it is considered as the best time to hike in the Everest region.

There are less chances of rainfall and snowfall in October. The summer rainfall clears the dust and pollution from the atmosphere and the mountain vistas are more spectacular in October. Generally, the daytime temperature ranges from 12 to 16 degree Celsius and the night temperature drops from 2 to -5 degree Celsius. Therefore, October climate is the most suitable, neither too hot nor extreme cold.

Why Everest Base Camp Trek in October?

Everest Base Camp trek is possible all the year round in favourable weather conditions. Although, trekking in October has some significant highlights.

Suitable Climate for Trekking

Among the best seasons, October is an ideal time to trek in the Everest region due to its moderate temperature and desirable weather conditions. The days are brighter with crystal clear mountain vistas. Minimum possibility of rainfall and snowfall avoids worries of slippery trails. The temperature is favourable being neither too hot nor too cold.

Season of Festivals

There are two major Hindu festivals such as Dashain and Tihar celebrated in October. People travel long to see families and parents far from the cities. It is the time for family reunion. Trekkers, who decide to travel in October, can also enjoy the celebrations. The festival refers to as receiving of blessings with Tika (mixture of red vermilion, rice and yogurt) and Jamara (sprouts of barley, corn and wheat) from elders in the families.

Spectacular Scenery

October comes just after monsoon which clears the atmosphere of dust and offers spectacular Himalayan scenery. The mountain life becomes more active with the beginning of the trekking season in this Himalayan land in October. It is nice to see the Sherpa settlements doing farm work in the lower Khumbu region while the trail becomes busier with the caravan of cattle (Yaks and Mules).

Great Biodiversity

Sagarmatha National Park has an extraordinary biodiversity. The lush green forests in the lower regions are gradually taken over by alpine vegetation. The rhododendron and oak forest makes a wonderful journey altogether. Lower villages grow paddy, millet, beans and potatoes. The colourful lophophorus and the story of Yeti is still an unsolved mystery.

Happy Trekkers

Due to the above facts, October is a high season for trekkers. The route becomes busier with the people passing by as the usual Everest Base Camp route is same for going up and down. Happy trekkers spread smiles and wish you good luck for your adventure. In fact, you will never feel alone while trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest in October.

Food and Accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek

There are plenty of nice lodges and hotels along the Everest Base Camp trail. However, it may be possible that the lodges can get fully occupied in October. You may get difficulty in finding places to stay in some areas. So, expect that you may have to share room with fellow trekkers.

Similarly, you may have to stand in long queues for your food as there are many trekkers waiting for the same. The rooms are equipped with comfortable bed sheet and blankets. But it is good to carry your own sleeping bag.

Useful Tips for Trekking in October

From the past experience and feedback from our previous trekkers, we have collected some travel tips that can be useful for Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Pre-book the trek

It is important to book the Everest Base Camp trek in advance if you are thinking for October season. Since the flights to Lukla are weather permitting, it needs an early booking. It is quite possible that flights to Lukla can be fully booked. Likewise, the accommodations also need to be pre-booked for a peak season trek.

Begin your trek early

Starting the trek early allows you to have more time to spend along the trail for taking photographs and acclimatization. The views are rather good and weather remains stable in the morning. Also, you reach the next destination before the teahouses/lodges get occupied. It is quite possible in October.

Hire a guide

Everest Base Camp trek may be doable without a guide but we still suggest hiring an experienced guide or taking a porter. Since it is a high mountain trek, it is not as easy as hiking on the low land. The guide is a great company as you may not be familiar with trekking through the rugged trails.

Carry a water bottle

We advise you to carry a water bottle in your day pack so that you can drink water whenever your body needs. Similarly, make comfortable outfits which are good enough to protect from direct sun burn.

Have some cash

It is advisable to have some local money in small denominations. You won’t get good rates in the mountains so that better exchange some Dollars/Euros into Nepalese rupees before leaving for the trek. This money is necessary to purchase drinks, beverages and chocolates. You will also need them to pay for shower and charging your devices.

Altitude precaution

Due to the changing altitude while ascending towards the Everest Base Camp, it is quite possible to catch the altitude sickness if proper precaution is not taken. Therefore, it is important to include some acclimatization days, stay hydrated and do everything slowly on the trek.

What to Pack for EBC Hike in October

Having a proper list of equipment is crucial and important. Our list of equipment provides a full range of trekking gears necessary for all season treks. So, we suggest you to pack lightly not exceeding 10 to 15 kilograms. The maximum weight allowed on the flights to Lukla is 10 kg only and 5 kg in hand carrier. Full List of Equipment

Alternative Trek Routes in the Everest Region

  1. Everest Three Passes Trek – 17 Days
  2. Gokyo Renjo La Pass Trek – 12 Days
  3. Gokyo Lake Trek – 10 Days
  4. Everest Panorama Trek – 9 Days
  5. Gokyo Valley Chola Pass Trek – 15 Days
  6. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour – 1 Day


October is the best month for Mount Everest Base Camp trek. The natural beauty, fascinating Sherpa culture and warm Nepalese hospitality are the major reasons to make the Everest Base Camp as one of the world’s most amazing destinations.

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