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What others say about Nepal

Nepal is a diversely popular destination. She has so many geographical and cultural characteristics and people have given her unique names. Here are some titles that people like to call her in their words:

  • The country of Mt. Everest
  • Birth place of Apostle of Peace-Lord Buddha
  • Land of the Living Goddess
  • Melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • As per the size, the country possess one of the highest concentration and distribution of bio-diversity
  • Country of diverse weather and land between the altitudes of 67 meters to 8,848 meters in less than a diameter of 200 kilometers
  • Country of non-stop feasts and festivals
  • Africa of Asia and Switzerland of the Orient Himalayan pilgrimage
  • The Wildest dreams of Kew
  • Land of Brave Gurkhas
  • Natural Amphitheatre
  • Himalayan Shangri-La
  • Roof of the World
  • Glory of Asia's Past
  • Ultimate Destination of Mysticism and Exoticism City of Golden Pagodas and Parasols
  • Land of Yak and Yeti
  • Birth place of Janaki (Wife of Lord Rama)
  • Land of Eight-Thousanders
  • Land of 1047 Lamastries and Monasteries
  • Country of Hidden valleys and Crystal Mountains
  • Living cultural museum of the world
  • A city which has one of the largest concentration of Buddhist Icons and Shrines
  • Abodes of multitude of Gods and Goddesses
  • Only country practicing Mahayana Bonpo-Pre Bhuddhistic Spiritism
  • Country of Tharus wearing richest tribal jewelry comprising 32 types of ornaments weighing 7 kilograms
  • The country of as many temples-as many houses and as many gods-as many people
  • The country which has more festivals than days of the year
  • Only cherry that flowers in winter
  • Some of the world's highest villages
  • 91 plants that are named after Nepal (Nepalence)
  • A country of high mountains consisting 240 peaks exceeding 20,000 feet (6,095 meters)
  • Ecologists' dreamland

    (Courtesy: Nepal Tourist Guide Book)

Published on 30 Aug, 2015